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Hi there...

I'm Neil, and I am a seasoned yet friendly freelance PHP developer in Cheshire.

I take genuine pride producing quality web applications.

If that's all you need to know, please get in touch, otherwise scroll down a little...


So, I'm 15 years in now, and have contributed PHP development to literally hundreds of websites and web applications.

Predominantly I work as a senior PHP developer for marketing agencies, supporting their long term contracts, and also producing new applications. I'm very comfortable in a client facing situation, and am happy to help specify, architect and lead most web application developments. Additionally, I have quite a few direct clients that I develop for on a regular basis.

I'm happy to debate it, but generally I believe in the case for working mobile first in responsive design.


I have developed a wide variety of web applications, including tracking systems, SaaS applications, ecommerce websites and various cms implementations. I work with frameworks, and have written frameworks for bespoke usage.

I have huge experience of Laravel, Bootstrap, jQuery and of course Wordpress (including plugin and theme development). However I've been around long enough to be comfortable with most available PHP, CSS and JavaScript frameworks.

Unlike many PHP developers, I have a solid background working with front end too - using CSS and JavaScript to beautifully polish the applications I work on.

I am proud to say that I approach all projects with the same perspective: what can I do to realistically maximise the ROI and user experience. My client base is wide, from one man bands, to nationwide multi-site businesses. A large percentage of these I have completed more than one project for - my approach works.

Coding processes and methods are just as important as framework knowledge. Considered use of queue scheduling, error collection, external integrations, version control etc all participate in ensuring an efficient build and execution - you only really get to know some things with real-life experience.


Most web applications I develop use some form of API - I have implemented many including the well used Google Maps, Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, Sendgrid & Mailgun email services, Digital Ocean cloud server creation etc...

As well as using third party APIs, I have also created PHP based APIs for other web applications to use. Allowing iOS apps to upload images, or an Android device to post to a message board.

API based web development is a simple way to make a large scale or complex application easier to administer. I have found Laravel particularly great for this.


I speak in plain English wherever appropriate - I get that no one wants or needs to be blinded by technicalities. However when we get down to it, I'm very comfortable getting geeky if required.

SEO: Web developers should consider search engine optimisation from the start, and whilst it shouldn't dictate the format of the application, SEO should form an integral part of it - you shouldn't have to retro fit SEO into a new PHP application. If you consider it, generally it works - you're reading this aren't you?!

Speed: Code efficiency has to be planned in, and a fast website speed is a not simply a given. I ensure that each block of code I write is done as efficienlty as possible, making the final web application run faster & smoother.

DNS: Domain names and their configuration form a sizeable part of getting a web application going, but they can be complex. I have earned many spurs defining CNAMEs and SPF records...

Classic ASP: Many moons ago, I started out as an ASP Developer, and only recently stopped working on a long-term Classic ASP contract...

Git. The version control system, not the chap with faster car.


I think it takes more than just coding skills and a MacBook to make a quality PHP developer.

I'm a successful communicator, a strategic thinking business owner, a consistent deadline achiever, who manages multiple consecutive long term clients and projects.

I am based in Cheshire, near Chester, in a village called Tarporley. I regularly visit the Wirral, Nantwich, Crewe and Liverpool & Manchester, so your location near London is not a problem.

I'm also a considerate, thoughtful and diligent human being on the side. Oh, and I have a dog called Wilson.